What exactly is a F-85 Standard Coupe, also known as a Club Coupe, or base model
F-85?  It was the cheapest F-85 available in 1965.  In the order book the Standard F-85
broke down into six different bodies.  The one I am focusing on is the 3427, the V-8 Club
Coupe.  This model is the only Standard F-85 to get the 4-4-2 option package.  Its a very
rare car, only 1,087 units were built.

The differences between it and a F85 Deluxe and the Cutlass are many.  The F-85 is
devoid of the side chrome and wheel arch chrome that adorns the Cutlass.  The large
chrome panel between the tail lights on a Cutlass is just two bars and an emblem on an
F-85.  The long center trim on the hood of a Cutlass is just a short piece on the F-85.  
The only standard options on a V-8 Club Coupe were Heavy-Duty Vinyl Floor Covering, a
250 hp Jetfire engine, and 7.35 x 14 Blackwall tires.  The dash was plastic instead of
padded vinyl, a bench seat was mandatory, and the interior was lower end vinyl.  Small
arm rests in front with color keyed bases and no arm rests in the rear.  Window crank
handles have color keyed knobs.  The mirror bracket was painted silver, the steering
wheel was a plain two spoke piece, and the sun visors were covered in cheap material
that dont lock into the rearview mirror.  If you were buying this car you typically didnt add
many options, you wanted a cheap Oldsmobile.

However, almost all the options on a Cutlass could be had on a Standard F-85.  Chrome
options included the H code upper body moldings, the door sills/door frames/drip rail
moldings and the F-85 only wheel lip/rocker/rear end moldings.  You could also order a
padded dash, floor carpeting, chrome arm rest bases, deluxe window cranks, deluxe
steering wheel etc.  One could buy the cheapest body and price it out with many
options.  So not all Club Coupes will have the base pieces.

The most expensive option available was the 4-4-2 Performance Package.  It cost 190.45
on the F-85 Coupe, more expensive than when ordered on the Cutlass.  Only parts that
changed were those offered with the package, so when ordered you received the lightest
and cheapest 4-4-2 made in 1965.
Here are some close up pics of some of the F-85 standard interior pieces.
Color matched arm rest bases, i.e. not chrome
Color matched window crank knobs,  not chrome
Short sun visors, meaning they do not hook into rearview mirror bracket
Silver rear view mirror bracket, not chrome
Plastic dash, not vinyl covered or padded
Vinyl floor covering, not carpeting
Standard steering wheel
4-4-2 bench seat shifter