In 1965 Oldsmobile gave buyers their choice of 15 different colors when buying a
4-4-2.  They also had a choice of two-tone paint, with the roof being a different color
from the lower body.  Convertible buyers had four color choices for their fabric tops.  
Code A Ebony Black
Code C Provencial White
Code D Lucerne Mist
Code B Nocturne Mist
Code E Royal Mist
Code H Laurel Mist
Code J Forest Green
Code K Ocean Mist
Code L Turquoise Mist
Code N Burgundy Mist
Code R Target Red
Code T Mohave Mist
Code V Almond Beige
Code W Sterling Mist
Code Y Saffron Yellow
Two-Tone examples.  I am sure there are more out there.  If you have a
photo of one I dont show, please send it in.
Sterling Mist-Ebony Black
Target Red-Ebony Black
Saffron Yellow-Ebony Black
Ocean Mist-Provencial White
Ocean Mist-Ebony Black
Sterling Mist-Provencial White
Target Red-Provencial White
Burgundy Mist-Provencial White
Convertible Top Colors
Code -1 White
Code-2 Black
Code-3 Blue
Code-4 Fawn
Saffron Yellow-Provencial White
Lucerne Mist-Provencial White
Mohave Mist-Almond Beige
Laurel Mist-Provencial White
Royal Mist-Provencial White
Nocturne Mist-Provencial White
Provencial White-Target Red
Sterling Mist-Royal Mist
Royal Mist-Lucerne Mist
Turquoise Mist-Provencial White
Mohave Mist-Provencial White
Provencial White-Lucerne Mist
Ebony Black-Provencial White
Provencial White-Burgundy Mist
Forest Mist-Provencial White
Ocean Mist-Turquoise Mist