In some of the previous pictures you can see an engine stand with a bagged motor
attached to it.  Inside that bag is a B block 400 Oldsmobile engine.  It is the correct
powerplant for a 65 442.  It has A code heads with the V stamping, specific to 442.  I
got this engine shortly after buying the car.  I saw an auction for a 65 442 in Iowa that
had a 455 in it. The seller said he had the original 400, but it had a rod knock. I asked
him if he would sell me the 400 if the car didnt sell.  He said yes, the car didnt sell,
and I had my engine.  I drove to Iowa with my father and picked it up a few days later.
The engine sat in may dads garage until I was ready for it.  A few weeks later I signed up
for a class on engine building that was being offered thru my work.  Sounded like a good
idea, and I could bring my own engine to work on.  So I hauled the 400 to the class shop
and tore it down.  Once inside the motor I found a few things. One, the rod bearings had
been replaced once, along with a turn on the rod mains. This is short cut to keep an
engine running. That procedure probably aided in the spun bearing on the number 6 rod.  
The cam had been replaced with a Crane unit, and one piston had a cracked skirt.  I
planned to overhaul the entire engine so that stuff didnt matter to me.

I had the crank turned 10-20, bought new pistons, camshaft, exhaust valves,  springs, oil
pump and gaskets.   I had the machine shop bore the block .030 over for the new pistons
and had them repair the rod that had the spun bearing. After all that I put it back together
at home.
4 speed trans I purchased on eBay.  Its correct for a 65 442 and is date coded for my car.
Restored driveshaft with new U joints and yoke.  I blasted the shaft, sanded it with 80 to
320 grit paper, scuff padded it, and sprayed it with clear coat.   4 speed cars had a gold
ring painted on so I replicated that.
Correct head pipes and exhaust pipes for a 65 442.  I bought these from Walt Vallelunga
out of Shelby Twp MI.  Walt makes outstanding correct baffled pipes for 65-67 442s from
the original GM prints, and owns a super nice 66 442. Notice 65s have just 2 crimps in the
tail pipe, unlike 66-67s.