Now for my favorite test.  The dudes from Modern Rod took a brand new F-85
442 to the drag strip to see what they could get out of it.  This is the exact car I
want.  This car was a very rare F85 series 442.  One of 736 ever made in that
body style with 4 speed transmission.  The car had zero body side chrome, no
window frame chrome, and no chrome rear panel between the tail lights.  On
top of being a radio delete car, it was also a heater delete.  I have yet to see a
65 heater delete car besides this one.  And I have yet to see that plate that
covers the heater/vent control hole in the dash.  To top off the racer theme the
car had the offset rally stripe applied.  This was a purpose built factory hot rod.  
It was also a Fremont built car by the presense of a PVC valve on the
passenger valve cover.