I got the car home in the spring and began to disect it.  At this point I found the car to
be a 4 speed.  When I first bought it I saw it had an automatic brake pedal in it.  I just
assumed it was an automatic car.  Then I  found the frame had the Z bar bracket
welded on and the column seal had a rubber boot for the clutch rod to pass thru the
firewall to the Z bar.  After consulting some 65 442 experts, I found out that only
manual transmission cars got the frame bracket and the hole in the floor for a manual
shifter.  My car had that hole, but it was covered up by a plate someone had used to
mount an automatic shifter to.
Trunk seal leak caused surface rust on trunk pan.  Found one pin hole in entire floor.
Underside with 442 specific sway bar and boxed control arms
These three things hinted towards the car being a stick shift originally
I consulted Roger Green, 65 Cutlass/442 advisor for the OCA, and he told me that I had
a manual trans 442. I still dont know if it was a 3 or 4 speed car.  The Heavy Duty 3
speed was made available March 1, 1965.  My car was built the second week of March,
so it could have had a 3 speed Ford Top-Loader transmission.  You can tell on a Lansing
car by a code on the data plate but not a Fremont car.  But the odds of it being a 4 speed
car are higher than it being a 3 speed.