From the very start I knew what I wanted to do with the car.  Ive always liked original
cars. Cars that have all their factory pieces in place just like the day they were made.
So with that in mind, I wanted to make my car as close to factory correct as I could.  
The only way to do that was to take the car completely apart and start from scratch.  
That meant I was going to go the whole way and remove the body, restore the chassis
and body underside, and build the car from the ground up.

First order of business was removing the dash, glass and remaining chrome pieces.
These surprises were under the rear window
The front windshield channel had some issues also
After taking off the door handles and vent windows, the doors were bare.  I sent the
bumpers out for chrome right after removing them because chrome wasnt getting any
cheaper. The body was now devoid of any chrome, trim, glass and interior. The next
step was to have the body blasted to remove the surface scale and old layers of
paint.  What I ended up finding was interesting to say the least.