Next priority was blasting the body and getting a coat of primer on it.  The first time I
looked at the car, I knew something was wrong with the passenger quarter panel.  
There was bondo that had chipped off the above the wheelhouse.  I felt the backside of
the quarter and found a splice-seam.  Turns out the car had been hit behind the rear
tire.  The fix was to remove the damaged portion and weld in half a piece of panel.  Not
a big deal I thought.  Well after the paint was blasted off, I began to see it a little
I now had a  car with more damage than I thought.   A car 40 years old is going to
have some issues, whether its rust, dents, or previous repairs.  My issue was
previous repairs.  Someone thought that Bondo was the answer for everything.  The
quarter panel repair was done by brazing a good piece on and laying an inch of
bondo over it to make everything nice again.  I am not exagerating when I say inch.  
To make the wheel lip line flat, an inch of mud was used. The drivers side had bondo
that covered up a shotgun blast of tiny dents. The passenger rocker panel had been
caved in and mudded over. This was not a professional repair on a classic muscle
car.  It was a quick, get me my car back so I can get to work, fix.
Next I sanded the sheet metal smooth to remove the stuff the blaster didnt.
Next I removed the doors and stripped the jams with paint stripper
Like the day it was spot welded together
After sanding, stripping, removing butyl, bondo, and petrified weatherstrips, I put some
primer on the body.
At this point I made a list of what the body needed. The quarter panel issues were
obvious, along with the rocker panel. Three other things popped up after the blasting
session. The dash channel had some holes along the passenger side. The rear panel
between the trunk and back glass was rotted off where the glass rests. And at the top
corner of the window frame was a hole that went into the roof.  These are common
problems with GM cars  Once water gets around the butyl seal, it causes major
damage. Even a car from the California desert can get these problems.

The fix for the trunk to glass panel was easy. No one repops the panel for 65 442s.
They do make them for 65 GTOs.   I did some measuring and found out that they are
the same piece.  One issue solved.

The other issues would be solved by a body shop. I found a guy that said he could fix
the quarter panels the right way, repair the rocker panel, windshield channel and hole
in the rear glass channel.

Next stop, body shop.