Now was time to paint the frame. I used Eastwood Co. paints for the entire job. I laid
down their Rust Encapsilator for a base then sprayed their Chassis Black over it for a
top coat.  Process involved painting one side then flipping the frame over to paint the
other side.  It turned out real well.  Only beef is color is not consistent from can to can.  
Makes for a better look in the end though, because the factory didnt use the same unit
of paint on each component.  They came painted from their prospective area or vender.
Underside painted with Chassis Black
Next was the task of cleaning each suspension piece, priming them and painting
them.  Some pieces I just could not use.  The front springs were worn and one was
bent pretty bad at the top.  The upper control arms in front were carved up from an
overzealous mechanic using an air chissel to remove the ball joints. The lowers
were notched for bigger shocks.  The rear lower arms were pitted so bad I just
couldnt bring myself to put them back on. They are specific to 442s, as they are
boxed. They are not boxed from end to end though. They are only boxed where the
sway bar mounts to them. The later style are boxed from end to end.
My real problem was the rear end itself.  After having it sand blasted I found that one
of the mounting ears for the upper control arm was cracked.  Cracked right in half, all
the way through. This was a huge problem.  It probably cracked when the factory
pressed the bushing in.  Its probably been that way for 40 years.  It might last
another 40 years, but I didnt like the idea of putting it back in the way it was.  The
first plan was to fix it.  I had someone weld it but it cracked as soon as I put a new
bushing in it. I decided that since I have invested a ton of effort, time, and money in
this car, I wouldnt risk all of it by putting that cracked rear end back in it.

I called a guy I know that has a stockpile of Oldsmobile parts.  He had a rear from a
65 442 4 speed car. It already had been sand blasted but needed an overhaul.  That
was fine because it was a single track rear and I planned to put the posi from my
broke rear into it.   I did just that and now have a rear that doesnt have a broken case.
Rear end after I smoothed some pitting and painted it with Chassis Black