I read somewhere that you havent spent any money until to start putting the chassis
back together.  I found that out on my own to be true..  I added new springs, shocks,
brakes, wheel cylinders, brake springs, wheel bearings, control arm bushings, tie rods,
ball joints, center link, fuel line, and brake lines.  That stuff adds up. BUT I now have a
chassis that is as good as it was when it was new. I shouldnt have to worry about
anything other than bolts that I might have forgot to tighten.
The brake backing plates had a brown hue to them after cleaning so I did some searching
and found out that they were plated gold cad like the brake booster was.
Moving to the rear suspension
The frame that I took apart 5 months before was now back together and back on the
ground.  I topped off the differential and rolled it out in my driveway for some photos. It felt
damn good to see this stage complete.