Here is a review of all the parts and vendors I used in my restoration.  I had some great
deals and some bad deals but that will happen when you take a car completely apart like I

Fusick Olds Parts

I bought a lot of stuff from them.  Mainly because they are Olds specific.  I like to support
the people that are making the Oldsmobile parts that all the other places sell.  I never had
an issue with them and I recommend them to anyone looking for parts.   Keep in mind that
these repro parts arent always going to fit like the originals did.

ACC Carpet.  Fits like a glove.  There isnt extra carpet on the hump like some kits have.  I
believe this is due to some A bodies having a shifter porch which requires more material
coverage.  The carpet I got didnt have this.

442 and Rocket badge.  Emblems are first rate except the 442 badge posts are too long
and must be cut off so they will fit the scoops and tail panel.

Outside rearview mirror.  The one I got had stress cracks around the swivel ball so I
returned it.  Was told they were all like that so I went with an NOS mirror from eBay.

Park and reverse light lens.  Excellent repros but the rear lens' are clear and the original
ones are frosted.  Something youll never notice or even care to.

Body and core support bushings.  They sell them for 1966 and newer but I used them.  
Youll need to trim down the mid frame pucks because the holes are smaller in that location.

Battery cables and plug wires.  Only issue was the positive cable was too long.  I had to
cut it to lenght.

Hose clamps.  I used the wire style and some of them didnt fit.  Had problems with the ring
clamps used on the heater hoses.  Had the same issues with my dads 67 15 years ago.

Inner fender seals. The inner fender seals are made from the correct masticated rubber the
OEs were.  Not all places sell these.

Clips, rubber bumpers and plugs.  I bought all the specific clips and rubber pieces from
Supercars Unlimited

Another Olds specific parts house.  I bought a lot of stuff from them also.

Radiator hoses.  Only place that stocked 65 442 hoses.  No problems with their fitment.

Clutch.  Bought the clutch from them.  A no name clutch that I havent had a chance to
grade yet.

Cam shaft.  They sell a ton of mechanical parts for Oldsmobiles including the obscure 65

Pilot bearing adapter.  A must if you use an automatic crank with a manual transmission.
Egge Machine

I bought all the engine parts from them.  Pistons, bearings, rings, gaskets, valves and
valve springs.  I sourced the oil pump and Cloyes double roller timing chain from the local
parts house.
Original Parts Group

They sent me a Christmas coupon that I used to buy all the weatherstrips, the hood
insulation, and some other small stuff.  If not for that coupon I would not have bought
from them.  Slow shipping and parts out of stock most of the time.
Year One

Ive never had a problem with Year One.  Ive bought a ton of stuff from them and its
always been a good experience.  I bought my interior pieces from them.

Door panels and seat covers.  Year One sells PUI interiors which arent the best.  The
seats are fine but the door panels are too puffy and dont fit the door very well.  Unless
you have a good set of originals PUI is your only choice.

Headliner and rear package area.  They pieces fit great, no idea who made them.   I think
the package tray was from REM.  They made all the interior insulation pieces also.
National Parts Depot

National Parts isnt an Olds vendor but they are a Chevelle supplier and are very local, as
in 15 minutes from me and 1 minute from my folks house.  It helped me save on shipping
and I could return parts that didnt work.

Ball joints, tie rods, center link, idler arm, wheel cylinders, and brake shoes came from
them.  I always looked up the part number on Year One to see if it was the same as a
Cutlass.  If so, NPD was where I bought it

Rear view mirror bracket.  I think a 66 Chevelle used the 65 Cutlass bracket.  Fusick sells
the wrong one for a 65.

License plate light lens, bumper bolts, trunk divider board, Pertonix Ignition, door
handles, window regulator rollers, 4 speed floor plate, heater box seals, vent window
seals, turn signal switch, and other parts I cant remember came from there.

They also sell Firebird parts, which is where the tail pipe hanger clamps came from.
M&H Electric

This company makes every wiring harness thats in a 65 442.  I bought every harness that I
needed from them, including the dash harness.  For that you need to send out your
original fuse box and they rebuild it for you.  I dealt directly with them and got outstanding
service.  Some harnesses are special order so it will take a month or two to get everything
The Parts Place

Only two things came from them, the eyebrow moldings and the console brackets.  The
eyebrows are new parts not rechromed pieces of crap.  They fit great and look great.  
Console brackets worked well also.
USA Parts

A smaller Olds and Cadillac catalog seller.  I bought a set of eyebrows from them that
arrived as rechromed originals.  And they werent that nice either.  One had old pits that
were not fixed and the other was bent.  Sent back the bent one and got the same side I
kept in return.  Returned that one and got one that was bent again.  Sent it back and got
a refund.  No more deals with them after that.
Exhaust by Walt

Walt Vallelunga is the man.  He took up the task of making the correct tail pipes for the
65-67 cars and nailed it.  I also got the mid pipes from him.  A class act and 442 lover.  
What more can you ask for.
Ames Pontiac

Three things came from "the" Pontiac parts house.  First was the parking brake springs
located inside the drums.  The spring kits everyone sells, for some dumb reason, leave
out this spring.  If you dont use it your parking brake will not work correctly.  Ames sells
this small oval spring.

I also bought the drip rail chrome from them.  Not a perfect piece but nice overall.

And lastly I got the rubber grommet that plugs the hole in the firewall where the heater
wire passes through.  Ames was the only place I could find it.
Classic Industries

Another Chevy vendor.  In their Impala catalog you will find the correct red Fisher Body
tags for your deluxe seat belts.  You will also find the tags for the regular plastic buckles.
Chevy 2 Only

Adapter for the 65 442 shifter handle to a Hurst shifter.  This is something you can make
but for 12 bucks why bother.  Muncie handle to Hurst shifter is what you are looking for,
part number 20004-1. 502-239-8487
A-W Custom Chrome

I had all my pot metal replated at this Metro Detroit shop.  They are very small and take a
long time, but they do great work and its cheap.  If you can handle waiting about 16
weeks you get some nice chrome from them.
Micro Platers, formerly Hajjar Plating

Another local shop.  I had my bumpers done by them.  Ive had good luck in the past but
this time I wasnt so lucky.  It took them 4 times to get the front one right and to do it they
had to patch a rust free bumper.  Somehow hole appeared in it and now I have a patch in
my once nice but faded bumper.  Sometimes local and cheap arent good things.
Eastwood Co.

Who hasnt bought stuff from them.  The paints I used on my frame came from them.  
Takes forever to dry but seems to be lasting.  Radiator paint seems to never dry, maybe
thats why I have fuzz from the hood insulation stuck to the radiator tank.
Summit Racing

They supplied the Hurst shifter and mounting kit for the Olds.  I also got Steward Warner
oil pressure and water temp gauges from them.  I wanted period correct gauges so I
bought SWs
McNichols Polishing & Anodizing Inc.

All the aluminum bright work on the car is anodized.  Its a coating that gives the
otherwise flimsy aluminum strenght.  The bad thing is you cant polish aluminum after its
been anodized.  I took my headlight rings and had them stripped, poished, and
recoated.  They look like new but the process doesnt fix any pitting.  So the better the
pieces the nicer the result.
(313) 538-3470

They strip off the old cover and pad, rebuild it with new padding, then recover it with
thicker vinyl.  Dash looks great, but its thicker than factory.  Since its almost impossible
to find a dash thats not cracked, having yours redone is the only option.  Well, other
than living with a cracked dash pad.