Welcome to Ultra-High-Compression.coms window sticker service.  We offer 64-72 Cutlass
and 442 reproduction window stickers made to order.  If you have your original sticker we
can reproduce it and laminate it for you, making for a long lasting show item.  If you dont
have your original sticker we can still make one for you.  Currently we have 1964 to 1972
options and prices on file.  So all you have to do is supply your vehicle info and options and
we can make a reproduction window sticker for you.
You may be asking why do I need a window sticker.  Well, it makes for a nice conversation
piece at a car show.  Many people read mine and commented on it, so much so I decided to
make them for other Oldsmobile owners.  Secondly at some car shows, such as the
Oldsmobile Club of America, points are given for having one.  The OCA considers it part of
your literature, for which they award points.  So having one will help your score.
You may also know that there are repro stickers available for sale on sites such as eBay.  
These stickers are of a very poor quality.  The print isnt the best and most are not exactly
correct.  Olds changed these sheets almost every year, some words were added and some
words were taken off.  My stickers are exactly correct and the print is crisp and clear.  Not like
the repros that get even worse when you scan and print them.
Check out these examples and see for yourself.
If interested in this service send your info (Car style, VIN, plant of origin, all options,
interior/exterior colors, date of build and dealer if known) to 4speed442@sbcglobal.net

Price for one laminated sticker is 50 dollars with shipping included.    
1965 options
1966 options
1967 options
1968 options
1969 options
1970 options
1971 options
1972 options
Click below for the list of options for your model car
Lastly each 69-72 sticker has the correct printing on the BACK.  Yes, original Oldsmobile
stickers had printing on the back from 1969 to 1972.  And it changed every year.  My stickers
have the correct print on the backside just like an original.